Really Mom?!

My mother and I have a complicated relationship. It’s simplest to say she’s emotionally manipulative. Her parents were intensely emotionally manipulative, so she didn’t have a great basis to learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships; I’ve learned to deal and accept it. She came to visit last weekend with all of my siblings and SHOCKER, it was a pretty decent visit. And then we have today. I had to run a ton of errands for work and myself in addition to feeling pretty under the weather. I got everything squared away by 7:30ish and realized it was Mother’s Day. So I call her around 8p and the first thing she said after I yelled “Happy Mother’s Day!” was “I assumed you forgot because it’s 8pm.” I just can’t win. If I’d called her earlier she’d have been annoyed that I interrupted her plans with my siblings. When I asked her how her day was she said “fine”, which is the kiss of death for enjoyment with my mother. It’s not good enough that my sister drove 1.5 hours with my 8month old nephew to celebrate because no one really cares. Why is any effort never enough?


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